2012 Gypsy Queen "Green is a nice color!"

Posted by Sean Robinson on July 4, 2012 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (43)

By DartMatrix Sports Cards

As you break into a pack or even a box of 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen you will come across some mini cards of your favorite players. There are Base cards plus many different parallel cards you can find. There is Brown Bordered, Black Bordered, Green Bordered, Straight Cut Back, GQ Back (aka Red Back), Short Prints, Sepia(aka Brown Bordered) numbered to 99 per card and insert cards that come in the base set. “It’s like a series all in its self.”

But where should the collector focus on? As I look at listing on eBay I see Short Print cards and Minis’ # to 99. These cards are priced higher than the other cards. So that must mean they are harder to find then the other cards, Right? Not true, and I will tell you why.

After looking at all these mini parallels you would come to the conclusion that the Sepia (aka Brown Bordered) numbered to 99 would be the mini you want to snag. But not true!

Let’s take a even closer look at the minis’. (Based on Hobby Boxes, but will still server as good mark.)

Base, insert and Straight Cut Back mini cards:

The Base and Insert cards are no different than the Base and Insert cards of the Standard set. Odds are 1:6 per pack for the Inserts and Straight Cut minis’. Making it around 5:6 packs for the Base cards.

Short Prints mini cards:

These cards come 10 in the mini box and giving you odds of around 1:3. This means you have better odds to pull a Shot Print then the Insert or Straight Cuts. Most would think that pulling a SP would be harder. But not true.

Black Bordered Minis’:

The Black Bordered Minis’ are 1:12. These are the 3rd hardest cards to pull. They only come out 2 per box.

Sepia(aka Brown Bordered) numbered to 99:

Once we see that number our minds automatically think that the card is rear or hard to get. Why not it has a number to 99? That means there is only 99 cards right? Your right, there are only 99 cards but that does not mean that there is less of these cards then another card that is not numbered. The odds for Brown Bordered minis’ is 1:20. So you can pull two out of a box. (I have) It is a hard card to pull but not the hardest mini to get. The hardest card to pull is the….

Green Bordered mini card:

The Green Bordered mini is the hardest card to pull. The odds even tell you that, 1:24. Even though these cards are not numbered, there are only 68 or 70 of each player. Doing a little math you would come up with this number. Instead of showing you all the calculations on how we know around how many cases and boxes of Gypsy Queen there are. Trust us we know.

There are around 2,400 cases of 2012 GQ cards. Making it around 24,000 boxes (2,400 cases x 10 boxes pre case = 24,000 boxes) There is only 1 Green Bordered Mini per Box (odds 1:24, 24 packs per box = 1 in a box). Now there are 350 Green mini cards in the set. So now we take the amount of boxes and divided by the amount of cards in the set (24,000 boxes / 350 cards = 68.571) Rounding it up, as our math maybe off a case or two. You would have to say that there is no more than 70 Green Bordered minis’ produced per player. Making it much harder to get then the Sepia (aka Brown Bordered) numbered to 99 and even Short Print cards (with the exception to Yu Darvish). Think about it only 70 sets of the Green bordered mini’ can be put together.

So in closing the next time your opening a pack of Gypsy Queen or any other cards and you see that number or find out the one card you have is a Short Print. Take a second to look at the other cards and do the math. You may past by a card that is much harder to find and not even know it. If you are looking to buy cards, and happen to see that Brown mini at $9.00 and that Green bordered mini going for $.99. You will know now where the money is really at.

Sean C Robinson

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