Rules of the Box Breaks

Please read and understand all rules of the Box Breaks before  buying or bidding on our Auctions.

If you have any questions then please go to our Contact Us page and send us a message. We will be happy to answer it for you.

"These Rules are subject to change at any time under our discretion"


The winner of a team, Group or Draw auction will get form the team break short print, mini, parallel and base cards. Plus any single player Auto’s and Relics for the team stated on their e-ticket or Pulled in a Draw.

Note: (The following only applies to ebay sales.)

If you do not pull a card in the break you are guaranteed at least one (1) card from my private collection of my discretion, from various years and products (stars, rookies, parallels and inserts) of the team listed above. This will be a nice card and everyone will get something.

  1. If the card is of a player who has been traded, released or retired. The card will go to the team listed on the card.

   2)   If the retired played is for a team that is no longer around, the card will go to the team that the team formed in too. (Expos would be Nationals and so on)

   3)   Any cards that do not come from a major league team like the Gypsy Queens.

I)                   They will be randomized between the teams that received no cards in the break.

II)                If all teams got a card, then it would randomized between the teams that did not get a hit card (Auto, Relic and Printing Plates cards)


   1)   All cards that have more than one player listed on the card will go to the person who bought the most teams.

   2)   If both buyers have bought the same amount of teams the card will be in a randomized draw. This will be done live at the break and using the website at We will hit the random 3 times to achieve the winner. The winner will be the name listed at the top of the random list.

   1)   All teams unsold become the property of the .

   2)   All hit cards from teams that are unsold will be for sale first to all participants of the break at a 40% discount off Beckett book value. ($100.00 would be $60.00)

   3)   If there is more than one participant who wants the card/s. We will randomize between those bidders.

   4)  The winner will have 24 hours to pay for the card. If payment is not received the card will be offered to the next in line on random list.

   5)   If no one is interested in the card/s they will be put up on eBay at full value or put in to our collection.

(This is your break, so we like to sell all teams and give out all the cards. That is what makes team breaks fun.)

Payment of auction must be received no more than after the close of auction. If payment is not received on or before this time you will forfeit all rights to the team/s won, and cards pulled for the teams will become property of the Kings. (We don’t want others to wait because someone did not pay.) If you’ve won multiple teams for the break. Then please wait for an invoice before you make payment.


   1)   The first team Shipping is $2.75

   2)   All additional teams are $0.75ea. Up to $5.00

(Keep in mind that the shipping charges are not just for sending the cards to you. They cover the cost of top loaders, sleeve bags and shipping envelopes.)   


The Team Break of the product listed above will be 36 to 48 hours after end of auction. This will be determined on payments being made and time of day.

Our Box Breaks are Live or Taped.

If the Box Break is LIVE. You will be sent an e-ticket for the team above with the exact time and date 24 hours before the break. The Live event will take place on our website. We are located on the east coast, so we try and hold them at 9pm (ET) 6pm (PT) on weekdays. If it is a weekend it could be any time between 3–8pm. This should give most winners a chance to see us live

If the Box Break is TAPED. You will be sent an e-ticket for the team above with the exact time and date we do the Box Break, 24 hours before. We will then inform you of when it has been uploaded to our website. Taped events are time stamped with the time we stated in your e-Ticket.

If there is any problems with getting the Box Break done in a reasonable time frame we will refund your money. (We reserve the rights to extend the time at when we do the team break or cancel at are discretion.)


Latest revision 06/02/2012